Meet Tammy Russell

Born out of personal experience and a deep desire to make a difference in people’s lives, Tammy Russell conceived Modern Intuitive Healing. A traditionally trained dietitian with a master's degree in nutrition, Tammy found herself on an unexpected journey when she and her children faced significant gut health issues.

My Story

I spent years working as a holistic dietitian, helping those with gut health issues (IBS, SIBO, IBD, heartburn/GERD, etc) and autoimmune disease. I also dealt with decades long IBS, a bad case of SIBO, migraines, and cystitis. In helping hundreds of clients struggle with resistant bloating, indigestion, uncomfortable or no BM’s, unwanted weight gain and anxiety, I watched them pivot to multiple health care practitioners (traditional and natural) but rarely finding relief.

It was learning alternate healing protocols based on properly supporting the immune system, avoiding trigger foods, rebuilding natural digestive function (with food) and gentle detoxification that began to make the biggest difference in my own healing journey. Based on these results, I was able to personalize this information for each client I worked with moving forward.

My Training

During this time, I trained in herbalism, homeopathy, Accunect, Biofield Tuning and became a Reiki Master. I had always admired energy medicine for clearing patterns that seemed so entrenched, but Reiki helped me to develop a deeper connection with my spiritual side and in clearing my central channel I began to get messages of healing and hope for clients. Soon, the answers became evident. We are perfect beings underneath our layers of insecurity, sadness, grief, trauma, sense of unworthiness, etc and you can feel these traumatic energies in the field around people as a block or incoherence.

Trying to heal the physical with only physical means is often a losing battle for so many, even with limited success. People don’t just need a supplement, a prescription or a limited diet, they need whole body healing from their core beliefs to the state of their energy centers (chakras).

My Practice

It is the goal in my practice to make every client feel honored, cared for, and respected. Too many of us are the walking wounded, pouring our hearts to a cold and indifferent world. Your thoughts matter and will direct your healing process. Learn how to heal and shift your thinking towards getting your body, mind and spirit in a better place!

Training & Education

Reiki Master Holy Fire

Usui Reiki

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

M.S. in Nutrition

Rutgers University

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