Guided 6-Week

Emotional Wellness Program

with Tammy Russell

Navigate Anxiety & Overcome Depression.

The holistic approach to emotional wellness designed to take a deeper look at the original factors contributing to anxiety and/or depression. Learn how to heal on a physical level as well as energetically, removing patterns contributing to emotional distress.

An Approach Rooted in Holistic Healing Practices

My extensive Chronic Pain Relief Program offers ongoing healing + coaching sessions designed to guide you toward not just coping, but thriving. My combined years of functional medicine training plus in-depth training in multiple energy healing modalities enable me to identify and remove patterns that have trapped you in a cycle of ongoing symptoms.

The Emotional Relief Program for Those Who Have Tried Everything Else.

Are you grappling with the heavy clouds of depression or the constant, unsettling presence of anxiety? Have you journeyed through countless sessions with therapists or relied on medication regimes that offer only temporary solace or unwelcome side effects? Are you weary from searching for solutions in self-help books or alternative therapies that seem to promise much but deliver little? It's a common belief that resolving these emotional challenges is solely a matter of willpower or finding the right pharmaceutical aid.

This program is for you if you’ve exhausted conventional options and are searching for a more effective path to emotional wellness.


This Program Is For You If You:

  • Deal with Persistent Anxiety
  • Suffer from Chronic Depression
  • Feel Overwhelmed by Emotional Turmoil
  • Seek a Better Path to Wellness

What's Included

In-Depth Health Assessment

Start with a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the physical and emotional patterns underpinning your anxiety or depression.

Personalized Healing Sessions

Four deep intuitive energy healing sessions focused on eliminating the patterns and blockages that keep our minds trapped in a cycle of self-deprecation.

Diet & Supplement Guidance

A dedicated session to review and fine-tune your nutrition and supplements for your healing journey.

Heal-at-Home Practices

Empower yourself with techniques and directives for ongoing healing and wellness. Become your own best healer!

Ongoing Email Support

You may have a question or two about your journey. Don’t feel alone, you are supported in this program!

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy 25% off professional-grade supplements tailored to your program.

Your Healing


  • Personalized Healing Sessions: Engage in one-on-one sessions, available both in-person (depending on location) and remotely, designed to support you on your unique journey towards emotional wellness.
  • Medical Intuitive Insights: Gain understanding through a medical intuitive discovery session, uncovering the why behind the underlying causes of your distress.
  • Guided Healing Pathways: Receive recommendations on lifestyle adjustments, self-care practices and coping strategies to pave the way for lasting change.
Tammy smiles for the camera while using tuning forks on a man laying on a table.

Why You Need My Program

Investing in a program sends a message to yourself and the universe that you are invested in feeling better. With so many confusing messages about healing online, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

At Modern Intuitive Healing, years of functional medicine training plus experience in advanced energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Accunect, Emotional Pattern Release and Biofield Tuning (healing with sound) are combined to identify and remove patterns that have been keeping you stuck in ongoing symptoms.

Praise from Clients

My healing session was
an amazing experience & caused my body to immediately feel 90% better.
C. Severson
I cannot speak highly enough about Tammy & her practice. Trust me, you haven't had care like this before.
Emily Rose Wheeler
I now go to bed & feel well-rested! I am so grateful to Tammy. She is truly a gifted healer!
Madelyn Valkyo
A headshot of Tammy Russell wearing a blue blouse in front of a flowering plant.

Your Medical Intuitive

Tammy Russell

Having spent years as an integrative licensed practitioner, Tammy combines her expertise in functional medicine and advanced intuitive healing to create individualized protocols to target your health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to Reiki, energy healing is based on the belief that there is a vital energy that flows through the human body and the goal is to balance the energy flow in the patient. Energy healing often has the effect of reducing stress and anxiety and promotes well-being.

If the session is remote, you’ll ideally be able to lay down in a quiet room, away from loud noises or distractions. Make sure you are hydrated and use the bathroom before your session. If possible, remove your clothes and Wi-Fi enabled devices from your person, placing them off to the side.

After your session, you’ll want to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Limit over-processed or heavy foods and excessive amounts of alcohol if possible.

Energy Healing techniques work just as well at a distance as they do in-person. I hold the intention that the client is entering my treatment room. I greet them and have them lay on my table as if they are with me. I sign in with my Reiki/healing guides and set the intention for healing. As humans sharing a collective experience, we are sharing universal energy which can be transmitted across locations, time, and space.

Eileen McKusick provides an excellent explanation of this phenomenon here.

Invest in Your Healing

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