Integrative Nutrition Counseling

Learn about which foods can trigger inflammation or how to eat to energize your body.

Get an Upper Hand on Conditions or Symptoms Like:

Digestive Issues
Weight Management Issues
Autoimmune Conditions
Kidney Disease
Thyroid Disorders
Cardiovascular Disease

Let Me Help You Navigate Your Unique Healing Path.

What to Expect?

During your initial consult, Tammy will take a full medical history and assessment of your health and put together a solid plan moving forward to minimize chronic issues you may be experiencing. A series of follow-up sessions are recommended to allow for ongoing coaching.

Why not learn what your body truly needs and wants in terms of food, supplements, lifestyle, and treatments? Find out the root causes for your symptoms and what has been holding you back on your healing journey. Learn about which foods can trigger inflammation or how to eat to optimize your body’s energy levels. Get an upper hand on disease and symptoms with a personalized coaching package from a licensed nutritionist and expert in integrative and functional medicine.

Tammy has had training in homeopathy, herbalism and functional medicine.  She is more likely to recommend supplements and look at root cause reasons for your physical complaints based on this training.


Tammy Russell is not a licensed medical physician and does not provide diagnoses or treatments for physical conditions.

A headshot of Tammy Russell wearing a blue blouse in front of a flowering plant.

Your Personal Nutritionist

Tammy Russell

With nearly 30 years’ experience as a licensed nutritionist and training in integrative and functional medicine, Tammy utilizes her expertise to help create a solid, personalized plan that will help you discover practical and enjoyable ways of eating delicious foods. You’ll receive customized advice, meal plans, and supplement recommendations all aimed at targeting specific issues or improving your overall health and achieving your goals.

Praise from Clients

My healing session was
an amazing experience & caused my body to immediately feel 90% better.
C. Severson
I cannot speak highly enough about Tammy & her practice. Trust me, you haven't had care like this before.
Emily Rose Wheeler
I now go to bed & feel well-rested! I am so grateful to Tammy. She is truly a gifted healer!
Madelyn Valkyo

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