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with Tammy Russell

Your Partner on the Path to Healing

Ready to get clarity and reclaim control of your health to feel better, sleep better, digest better, have less anxiety and more energy?

Rediscover Your Health

As a professional intuitive energy healer, Tammy Russell helps people who suffer from chronic illness and/or autoimmune disease to rediscover their health potential by blending scientific knowledge with intuitive healing.

A Unique Approach to Healing

Tammy offers a unique approach to energy healing that combines the ancient practices of Reiki Therapy, Intuitive Energy Healing, Biofield Tuning, and the Emotion Code, along with her expertise in nutrition science to create a personalized healing plan just for you.

Take the First Step Towards Understanding Your Health

Get Started with a Medical Intuitive Analysis

Find breakthrough understanding behind the causes of your physical & emotional symptoms with a comprehensive, diagnostic health report & follow-up interpretive session.

Healing Services

Tammy offers both in-person & virtual healing and insight sessions for both you & your pets.

Energy Healing Sessions

Explore comprehensive sessions using a blend of healing modalities.

Integrative Nutrition

Receive a personalized, holistic nutrition plan based on your needs.

Animal Healing Sessions

If your pet isn’t feeling well, consider this virtual animal healing session.


Experience the healing power of sound waves created by tuning forks.

Praise from Clients

My healing session was
an amazing experience & caused my body to immediately feel 90% better.
C. Severson
I cannot speak highly enough about Tammy & her practice. Trust me, you haven't had care like this before.
Emily Rose Wheeler
I now go to bed & feel well-rested! I am so grateful to Tammy. She is truly a gifted healer!
Madelyn Valkyo

Meet Tammy

Reiki Master, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, & Intuitive Energy Healer with a Masters in Nutrition.
Having spent years as an integrative licensed practitioner, Tammy combines her expertise in functional medicine and advanced intuitive healing to create individualized protocols to target your health concerns.
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