How the Vibrations of Emotions and Bad Bugs can Thwart Your Best Efforts to Heal.

A woman holds her head, the room appears to be spinning.

Only in these times would eating a 100% meat diet be normalized.  Even Dr. Atkins was observed to abscond high carb goodies such as bagels in his jacket pocket during a conference.  But here we are facing a crisis of epidemic proportions of autoimmune and other chronic health conditions for which a myriad of genetic tests plus prescription medications stand at the ready to suppress your symptoms. 

Women – the hardest hit in this medical 💩 show spend their days just trying to do their job or not lie in bed when their family needs them.  Forget about being a superwoman, it’s now about making it through one more day without falling over.  Adding more insult to injury is the logarithmic uptick in ADHD/brain fog/holy-crap-what-was-I-doing? issues – also affecting woman disproportionately. 

I spent years helping people with gut health issues, autoimmune disease and other chronic problems as a functional medicine trained dietitian. I felt that suffering from IBS/SIBO, migraines, cystitis, ulcers, chronic fatigue made me a good candidate in this arena.  I thought that it would be a straight shot for healing, but nothing is simple in this realm, and it wasn’t for me either. 

As nutrition therapy for autoimmune issues can be pretty restrictive, people can wind up staying on these diets for years.  That is because their health problems are resistant (in most cases) to treatment..meaning their symptoms keep coming back.  So, you remain on your restrictive diet for years and all the while, you are spending $$$ hundreds of dollars each month on supplements…plus, you are barely keeping it together.  Maintaining a job, family, household or just your health – odds are, it is overwhelming.  Also, so many differing opinions on the internet on how to heal.  Packages of care consisting of nutrition counseling, testing, supplements now costing thousands.  All for what? Highly resistant autoimmune issues that seem to be breeding additional autoimmune problems while you sleep.

Young women in their 20’s dealing with not just one but up to 5 different autoimmune conditions (plus a little ADHD tossed in).  What’s going on?  Doctors, caught in the web of their 15 minute insurance model appointments shrug their shoulders and point to genetics.  It’s the only way for them to avoid any responsibility for not knowing what’s causing this mess and another way for pharma companies to cash in on $$ medications. 

So, we ask the question.. what the heck is happening?  I’ll tell you it’s the perfect storm of toxicity, EMF’s/Wifi, resistant pathogens, and emotional trauma.  Things like toxic heavy metals (aluminum, copper, mercury, cadmium, antimony), chemicals (industrial agricultural chemicals, fragrance, etc), resistant bugs like bad bacteria and viruses.  These things can synergize with each other.  They can also be held in place by emotional trauma from you, or your ancestors. 

In a healing session, I often find feelings of rejection, being alone, a sense of powerless or being unworthy holding on to toxic heavy metals as well as emotions of anger, bitterness and hatred.  Once identified, these patterns can be removed as they present together.  A lot can shift in one session but sometimes it can happen over two to three sessions. 

Another big help is knowing exactly which foods are promoting inflammation in the client’s body and which supplements would be most supportive.  People that work with me get this information because it is vital to finally get on a path to healing. 

If you’re tired of the healing hamster wheel and ready to find out what is truly holding you back from better progress, consider booking a Get-to-know-you call with Tammy. 

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