Animal Energy Healing

Relieve Your Pet’s Anxiety & Address Chronic Health Issues

If your pet isn’t feeling well, consider this virtual animal healing session that includes an insight report. Animals are just as affected by toxicity in the environment and bad food as their human owners. Luckily, remote energy healing provides a valid solution. Animals often love Reiki and will curl up on an owner’s body or next to it while they are receiving it. In providing energy healing to an animal Tammy will also release emotional patterns that may be holding disease/symptoms in place.

Energy Healing Can Help Your Pet

Reduce Anxiety Around Strangers
Relieve Chronic Pain
Alleviate Fear of Thunder & Other Loud Noises
Stop Fussing with Hotspots
Enter a Healthier, More Relaxed State

Our furry friends also deserve the benefits of energy healing!

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing facilitates well-being by directing healing energy into your pet's body, targeting blockages or disruptions in their energy fields that may be contributing to illness or discomfort. By clearing these energy obstructions, your pet is more likely to experience a sense of calmness and reduced anxiety. 

Tammy incorporates a blend of healing modalities into your session to help you achieve the best possible results; this includes Reiki, tapping, medical intuition, biofield tuning, and emotional pattern release (Emotion Code). This process emphasizes the restoration of balance within your energy system and targets patterns that have been causing physical and emotional symptoms.


Tammy Russell is not a licensed medical physician and does not provide diagnoses or treatments for physical conditions.

Praise from Clients

My healing session was
an amazing experience & caused my body to immediately feel 90% better.
C. Severson
I cannot speak highly enough about Tammy & her practice. Trust me, you haven't had care like this before.
Emily Rose Wheeler
I now go to bed & feel well-rested! I am so grateful to Tammy. She is truly a gifted healer!
Madelyn Valkyo

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