Biofield Tuning Session

Reduce Anxiety & Stress, Balance the Nervous System, Enhance Your Energy Levels, Relieve Physical Pain and Tension, Increase Mental Clarity and Heal Emotional Trauma & Chronic Conditions.

Energy Healing Can Offer Relief & Support for:

Reduced stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and releasing energetic blockages.
Improved physical and emotional health by balancing the nervous system.
Enhanced energy levels and vitality through the clearing and balancing of biofield disturbances.
Relief from physical pain and tension as a result of harmonizing the body's energy.
Increased mental clarity and focus by reducing biofield clutter.
Support in healing emotional traumas and chronic conditions by addressing the root energetic causes.

Let Me Help You Navigate Your Unique Healing Path.

What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning involves using tuning forks to detect and correct distorted vibrations in the biofield, which is the energy field that surrounds the body. The practitioner identifies areas of dissonance in the patient's biofield and applies specific frequencies with tuning forks to these areas, with the intention of restoring balance and flow. This process helps to release tension and alleviate symptoms of various physical, emotional, and mental disorders. It is a non-invasive method that aims to harmonize the body's energy fields, promoting a sense of wellness and balance.

By integrating the precise, sound-based healing of Biofield Tuning into her practice, Modern Intuitive Healing provides a holistic approach to targeting both physical and emotional wellness. This integrated approach ensures that not only are the symptoms addressed, but also the underlying emotional and energetic causes, paving the way for genuine healing and improved well-being. Combined with Reiki, the Emotion Code, and Tammy’s expertise in nutrition science, clients receive a tailored healing experience designed to meet their uniquely individual needs. This multifaceted approach not only targets existing symptoms but also the underlying emotional causes, offering a path towards true healing and well-being. During your session, you can expect to reap the benefits of these ancient practices with a modern twist.


Tammy Russell is not a licensed medical physician and does not provide diagnoses or treatments for physical conditions.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Better Understand Your Health with a Medical Intuitive Analysis

Tammy’s Medical Intuition service offers a full audit of your health so you can understand your specific healing needs. You’ll receive a comprehensive, diagnostic health report that analyzes organ function, measures toxicity and stress levels, identifies energies affecting your well-being, and provides recommendations for healing treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the session is remote, you’ll ideally be able to lay down in a quiet room, away from loud noises or distractions. Make sure you are hydrated and use the bathroom before your session. If possible, remove your clothes and Wi-Fi enabled devices from your person, placing them off to the side.

After your session, you’ll want to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Limit over-processed or heavy foods and excessive amounts of alcohol if possible.

Energy Healing techniques work just as well at a distance as they do in-person. I hold the intention that the client is entering my treatment room. I greet them and have them lay on my table as if they are with me. I sign in with my Reiki/healing guides and set the intention for healing. As humans sharing a collective experience, we are sharing universal energy which can be transmitted across locations, time, and space.

Eileen McKusick provides an excellent explanation of this phenomenon here.

Praise from Clients

My healing session was
an amazing experience & caused my body to immediately feel 90% better.
C. Severson
I cannot speak highly enough about Tammy & her practice. Trust me, you haven't had care like this before.
Emily Rose Wheeler
I now go to bed & feel well-rested! I am so grateful to Tammy. She is truly a gifted healer!
Madelyn Valkyo

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