Client Testimonials

"Recently, I had a Reiki session with Tammy Russell, MS, RDN for a UTI, Urinary Tract Infection. I am prone to UTI’s. Nothing that I had previously done was working; so I decided to try a Reiki session with Tammy. All I can say is that it was very, very effective. Afterwards, I started improving and my healing continued over the next couple of weeks. Also, my sleep and mood improved.

What I wasn’t expecting was the psychological healing from the anxiety and depression that the bacteria caused. It simply lifted. I quickly found myself happy and hopeful, again. I’m excited and grateful that Tammy now offers this modality to her clinical practice. Her wholistic approach is balanced and precise. Reiki is the perfect complement to ailments of the body, mind, and spirit. Highly recommended!"
P. Dyer
“My healing session with Tammy Russell was an amazing experience. I was ill and thought I would have to cancel travel plans, but Tammy’s subtle energy work with the tuning forks and intuitive advice caused my body to feel 90 % better and I was able to proceed normally. Her nutritional advice has had an additional benefit of correcting some aggravating health problems.

I am so glad a friend recommended her to me.”
C. Serverson
"I recently had a Reiki / tuning fork session with Tammy Russell. She intuited exactly which parts of my body needed attention and focused on these areas during our session: my brain and my liver. She also intuited that my mother (who had recently passed) was present, and that she saw angels surrounding me. I felt blessed and reassured to know of their presence.

After my session I found myself in such a deep level of relaxation. It was such a gift for my body and my soul."
Terry A.
"I cannot speak highly enough about Tammy and her practice. She intuitively helped me identify patterns of heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune, and parasites. I had recently gotten two root canals pulled and had them test my teeth, Sure enough, I got the results back and I tested for exactly what Tammy had said... parasites, autoimmune (Lyme disease), and heavy metal toxicity. On top of this, she also spoke to my guides and higher self about what steps needed to be taken in order to begin detox.

THIS IS COMPREHENSIVE CARE PEOPLE! If you have struggled with chronic dis-ease and are looking for informed, ethical, spiritual support from someone who has a background in western medicine with insights from the divine, Tammy is your person. Trust me, you haven't had care like this before.”
Emily Rose Wheeler
" I started working with Tammy after she intrigued me with her intuitive gift into the cause of my INABILITY to fall asleep before 2-3am EVERY NIGHT my entire life, (60 yrs!) Even as a baby I was told I would not fall asleep and this continued throughout my life.

After my first session with Tammy I started to fall asleep by midnight. That was so exciting to me. Within 2 weeks I was falling asleep between 9pm-11pm. I was so excited and quite shocked.

This was 4 months ago and I am still falling asleep, with ease, between 9pm-11pm.

I always said I was not wide awake because of worries or anxiety, which most people decided was my problem. I was not worried or thinking about troubles. I truly was UNABLE to sleep. It was so frustrating.

I now go to bed- I fall asleep- I feel well rested and I am so grateful to Tammy.
She is truly a gifted healer!"
Madelyn Valko

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