New Frontiers in Healing – When Panic Leaves You Without a Compass

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My mom and I were in the car driving home from the mall in the 1980’s in New Jersey and suddenly she pulled over into a deserted lot.  My 12 yr old self is annoyed and confused.  Why aren’t we getting on the parkway?  Let’s go home!  My mom however can’t drive, she’s having a panic attack.  It’s the first time I had seen one and it was scary.  She was stoic and brave about it, getting us home only a short while later.  

In the late 90’s I am driving with my first husband to Quebec City to visit his family.  My heart is racing, I can’t calm down.  Even though I breathe deeply and look out the window to bucolic views, I feel surrounded by chaos.  

Training in integrative and functional medicine a decade later taught me that chronic gut issues can often lead to anxiety and panic.  The two can go hand in hand and synergize.  It’s a joyless proposition.  I learned to have an arsenal of herbal tinctures, nutritional supplements, then homeopathy for events of panic and anxiety.  I feel “prepared” but I am still not relinquished of it.  

It is only a few years later when I delved deeper into energy healing first with Pranic healing, Body Talk, Accunect, then Reiki that I find longer periods of peace.  Finally, it is Reiki that I find a Zen like no other.  It is home to me.  Home is healing, warm and fuzzy love.  It bathes me in a healing light and travels through me to heal others so that they too, feel a sense of love and peace.   

As energetic beings, we carry with us all types of energy and some of it is old, unhelpful, it can even be from our ancestors for us to carry like a burden.  Those that only trust science will call it genetic.  There are all kinds of ways to suppress anxiety – one can use prescription medication, supplements, acupuncture, etc but it can easily come back, and we may find that we need lots of this other type of help to feel some semblance of normalcy to get through the day.  

Energetic healing however works on a vibrational level.  It takes on and removes the energy that forms the layer of “dis-ease.”  They veil that has been laid on top of you is not you.  Energetically, it is visceral.  I feel it on others when I work on them.  It does disturb the chakras, as it is disturbing the system as a whole.  It’s not you and it’s not your patient.  It can be removed, healed, and reconfigured.  That’s better than suppression.  

Now that I am familiar with the most likely triggers of gut health problems and autoimmune disease, I look for patterns of what is energetically holding disease in place in the body.  I ask if it is ready to be released and if so, I commence with the healing.  This to me is medicine of the future and ironically, it has been around for thousands of years.  For those steeped in the “modern medicine” of the last 200 years, this may incite distrust and animosity.  It takes an open mind and readiness to heal to truly reframe the pattern of illness and bravely dissolve it.  

Vibrational energy medicine is a game changer – if you’ve been spending most of your income on supplements, doctors, lab tests and “suppressive” therapy consider the different avenues of healing such as:  Reiki, Shamanism, Body Talk/Accunect, Biofield Tuning (healing with tuning forks).    

There is so much to gain and so little to lose!  If you are suffering from long term gut health or autoimmune conditions and would like to learn more about this type of healing, Contact me to learn more ☺

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